DIY Eload Machine Builder

Currently one of the hottest vendo products in the market. With its growing popularity, it surely is an extra income generator. Our eloading DIY kits make it super easy to build a fully working eloading machine.

DIY KIT Packages

1K+ active eload distributors
50K+ active eload vendo machines
100K+ active eload retailers

Perks and benefits

Eloading Vendo Builder/Seller Privileges

Take advantage of these perks and benefits to help you succeed and reach out to more customers.

Exclusive discount on e-load vendo DIY kits

Flash sales exclusive to DIY eload machine seller/builder

Access to marketing materials and other related contents.


Eloading DIY Kit Package (Android Version)

Offline Eloading Vendo Version 1 - Machine DIY KIT

Official Fox Eloading Custom Board - Android Version

ESP32 (Microcontroller)


Multi Universal Coinslot with RGB LED Frame

Power Adapter 12v/5A

SIM Card (Globe)

Fox Eloading License Key

Bill Acceptor (Optional)

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Become a distributor or start with other eloading business options.

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Fox Eloading System is a modern eloading system that can operate in stand-alone eloading machine, messenger and SMS. Our goal is to make the loading process super easy and convenient. On top of that, we aim to provide business opportunities and bring positive impact to the community.