Fox Eloading Distributor

Take advantage of the huge discounts and high income potential exclusive for the Official Distributors. Sell eload machines, eload kits, eload licenses and eload activation credits!

Membership Package

1K+ active eload distributors
50K+ active eload vendo machines
100K+ active eload retailers


Fox Eloading Distributor Privileges

As distributors, we want you to feel valued. So we laid out these perks and benefits for you to enjoy!

25% discount on retailer activation credits

1.5% rebate for every load wallet replenishment

500 discount for every purchase of our eloading DIY Kits

Exclusive discount on machine license keys

Up to 1.5% override bonus for every successful load purchase transaction made from your organization

Automated SMS notifications (newly activated SIM Card, withdrawals and earnings.)

2% discount for every successful load purchase


Distributor membership package inclusions

The distributor membership package will kickstart your eloading business journey. We value partnership and we want you to succeed, so we’re giving you full access to perks and benefits exclusive to official distributors of Fox Eloading.

Distributor membership package

48,980 PHP

Online account monitoring

5,000 transferrable load wallet

5 sets of Eload Vendo Kits (DIY)

5pcs Eload Vendo License

200 Traditional Retailer Activation Credits worth 39,800

On top of all the discounts and privileges, a 40% return of your investment on the membership packages is guaranteed!

Income Opportunities

Official Distributor Income Opportunities

Once you become our official partner, you’ll be able to enjoy the following opportunities to increase your income. You are also eligible for promos and discounts exclusive to distributors.

Selling of E-loading Machines

  • You can earn up to 10,000 profit for every machine you built and sold
Apply for Distributorship
Reselling of DIY Kits

  • Get an exclusive 500 php discount for every E-loading DIY Kits
Apply for Distributorship
Reselling of Machine License Keys

  • Discounted packages are exclusively available to our distributors
  • The more codes you buy, the higher discount you'll get!
Buy License Key
Overrides Rebates

  • Earn 0.5% override rebate for every successful load purchase of all retailers under your distributor account
Apply for Distributorship
Retailer Activation

  • Activation credit is sold for 299 Php (SRP) but our distributor can enjoy an exclusive discount of Php 75 per retailer activation credit
Activate Sim Card

Fox Eloading System is a modern eloading system that can operate in stand-alone eloading machine, messenger and SMS. Our goal is to make the loading process super easy and convenient. On top of that, we aim to provide business opportunities and bring positive impact to the community.