As a company, we share a common goal of fully automating the loading process with our eloading system. It serves as a business opportunity to the machine builders and partners as well as an opportunity to bring a positive impact to the community.

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Our Story

The Journey

Triggered by curiosity, built by passion

We’ve experienced the hassle and frustration with the unavailability of loading stations (especially when it’s past 9PM) in most rural areas. We created the system, to make loading available to every Filipinos - everyday (anytime, anywhere).

Building the system and acquiring partnership

With passion and dedication, the system is built successfully. Not long after, Adopisoft, the leading piso wifi software provider, noticed and recognized its potential. Partnership deal was then successfully sealed.

Fine tuning and diversifying the system

The system was initially built for stand-alone eloading machines. Later on, its version for Adopisoft Piso Wifi integration was released. Plus, retailers and customers can also sell/buy load through SMS and Messenger.

Continuous Growth

The number of our official partners - distributors, machine builders, eload credits and eload license resellers keeps growing everyday. And we’re always pushing ourselves to the limit to improve the product and add more practical features.

Core Values

Our guiding principles

Our company culture propels us to do what we do best every day and take the business to new heights.


We do what we love and take pride in its results. We go beyond our comfort zone and don’t just settle for less. Challenges drive us to do more, rise and innovate.


Purpose defines the value of what we do. And it keeps us focused on what we want to achieve as a company and its impact on the community.


Nothing great comes easy. Success needs hard work and genuine effort on things that matter. Honest work brings us closer to our goals every day.


The Goal

We want to provide business opportunities and improve people’s way of life through our innovative solutions.

DafoxTech. eloading system aims to remove the hassle of the traditional loading process. Easy, convenient and available 24/7 even in remote areas.

- Arnel L.

Founder | Dafox Tech

Fox Eloading System is a modern eloading system that can operate in stand-alone eloading machine, messenger and SMS. Our goal is to make the loading process super easy and convenient. On top of that, we aim to provide business opportunities and bring positive impact to the community.