Fully Automated E-loading

E-loading Business Made Easier And More Convenient

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Self-service Eloading Machine

If traditional loading station works well with the fact that it only operates for a specific time,
how much more a self service e-loading machine that can run 24/7?

All Networks Prepaid Load

Sell prepaid loads for all networks
SUN, SMART, TNT, GLOBE, TM, Cherry Prepaid

TV Cables Prepaid Load

Sell prepaid loads for TV Cable

Other Prepaid Loads

Sell GAME E-PINS & Meralco
Prepaid Loads

Transaction Logs

Every load transaction has log with status and reference number

Manual Load

In case of power outage, you can manually sell loads using the app

AdoPisoft Integration

Add E-loading service to your existing AdoPisoft Hotspot

Be One Of Our Distributors

Be the first in your area. Build and sell E-load vending machines and earn rebates on every transactions. Avail exclusive discounts on Eload Hardwares and License.

Integrate With AdoPiSoft Hotspot

Activate the E-loading feature in your existing AdoPiSoft Hotspot. Make sure to change timezone to PH/Manila in your hotspot admin first.


DafoxTech. with a registered business name Dafox Marketing is a subsidiary of AdoPiSoft. We automate the E-loading business in the Philippines. Our vendo can operate with sms or with data connection and is highly deployable even in remote areas.